About Por Vida Skateboarding

Por Vida Skateboarding introduces skateboarding by showing you the basics, and seeks to develop a student’s ability to build self-confidence, control and balance. Our goal is to promote skateboarding in a positive and healthy way! We do our best to provide an affordable, safe and fun learning experience geared towards the student’s own ability.

  • Pham is a great skateboarding instructor. He's fun, helpful, inspirational, reliable and VERY patient; we were lucky to have found Pham to coach Luca (my 5-year old cheeky monster who loved the idea of skateboarding yet tested Pham's patience every week!). On wheels, Pham moves like a sleek panther - he's every inch a cool dude and every boy would be lucky to have him teach them the tricks of skateboarding.

    Mei Yi Wee