Pham Tan

Founded in June 2013 by Pham Tan, a skateboarder of 15 years who coaches kids as well as adults and whose passion for skateboarding derives from his family of sportsmen. He continuously shares knowledge and provides encouragement to assist students in improving and has taught skateboarding in local secondary and international schools.

Pham Tan has successfully completed the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) from Singapore Sports Council in January 2014.



What is NCAP? The NCAP Programme is an enhanced training and development pathway for all coaches in the community. The aim is to establish a training and development system to develop high quality and professional coaches.

Pham Tan is now a certified and professional coach registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).

What will you learn?

Skateboarding is an active and healthy sport which involves both balance and coordination. It is a recreational activity, an art form and a method of transportation which also has numerous health and fitness benefits, such as boosting your hand and leg muscles, improving agility and helping to focus your mind.

  • Board lesson:
    Learn how to choose the right board of suitable size and shape.

  • Posture and Placement:
    Learn how to ride on a skateboard with proper posture and foot placement.

  • Introduction to skateboarding safety:
    Learn how to use your safety pads and what to do when falling off a skateboard.

  • Balancing and Maneuvering:
    Once all safety gear is worn, students will learn how to balance with under the supervision of the instructor.You will also learn how to move left and right and paddle on the board with tips on acceleration and stopping.

  • Skateboard Tricks:
    Learn simple tricks such as Tic Tacs, how to ride off kerbs (Acid Drops), 90 – 180 degree turn, etc.

  • After the 3rd lesson:
    You can successfully learn basic skateboarding in 3-4 simple lessons with proper guidance!

10 Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport, an art form, a lifestyle, and a culture. Kids have been doing it for decades, and it has even become an extreme sport. We can all, however, benefit from skateboarding even if it just recreationally. Not only does skateboarding get us outside, but it can also help us cover large distances faster and more easily.

Provides flexibility:
Ankles must remain flexible and body should stay limber while skating. The more tense and inflexible a person is, the harder it is for them to skate.

Offers full body workout:
You’re moving your feet and your legs, you’re using your arms to help balance.  You’re twisting your body. All these things must happen simultaneously, giving your body a variety of movements.

Physical Endurance:
Most skateboarders don’t just skate for a few minutes and stop- many find it so enjoyable that they skate for hours a day, getting their physical endurance levels up.

Teaches Precision:
To land a trick, many motions need to align perfectly, so when you fail, you try again, and again, and again. But each time, you make adjustments.  You place your feet differently on the board, you change your timing, you adjust your speed, you try and land differently.  Until you have the motions and timing down to a precise science, you keep trying!

Improves Coordination:
Skateboarding involves a lot of coordination between your eyes, legs, feet and arms.  The more you skate, the better you’ll get at this.  Precision and coordination are used throughout your life, whether you skate or not.  When you improve these traits, you better your ability to do all sorts of different things from driving to climbing to multi-tasking.

Calorie Burning:
Depending on the intensity of the skate, the average person will burn between 150-500 calories per hour.

Ideal crossover sport for other board sports:
including surfing, snowboarding, or wakeboarding.  If the waves are flat, the snow is melting, or the water is too cold, a person can help keep their skills sharp and fitness levels up by simply riding a skateboard.

Teaches consequences, practice, and patience: skateboarding provides a perfect opportunity for a young person to take calculated risks in a controlled environment, with very real and immediate consequences if maneuvers are not executed properly.  Similar to martial arts, skateboarding skills and fundamentals must be learned and mastered over time with practice and patience, (unlike the instant gratification provided by television and video games).

You learn to fall:
Prevention of future injuries is one of the most beneficial things that skateboarding has to offer in terms of health.  When you skate, you learn how to avoid falling (if possible), and you also learn how to fall correctly.  Skateboarders naturally get better at knowing where to place their feet and their hands as they progress with their skating.  This is a valuable tool to have in life because it will reduce the chance of freak accidents.  You’ll naturally be more able to recover from slips, trips, and stumbles and avoid falling on your face.

Stress Relief:
Any physical activity is considered to be good for relieving stress.  Skateboarding can help you take your mind off things.  Alternatively, it can also help you think clearly about things.  Skateboarding seems to bring things into perspective  and allows you to feel as though you’re more in control of other aspects of your life.

Overall Health:
As with all forms of physical exercise, water skiing can reduce or eliminate your risk for many health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Racquetball can also reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by reducing your triglyceride levels and increasing your “good” cholesterol.

Courses and Rates

We have a comprehensive basic options for beginners to learn skateboard tricks and roll further!

  • All classes are by appointment booking only.
  • The skateboard and safety equipment will not be provided.
  • Students are to bring their own equipments (skateboard and protective gears).
  • For safety measures, students are recommended to put on full protective gears during the lesson.
  • Students are required to sign an indemnity form upon commencement of first lesson.
  • For requested location, additional 2 way transportation fees will be incurred.
  • Trial

  • SGD45

    per student

  • Want to try skateboarding for the first time ? Get the Trial Lesson!
  • Lesson Duration: 1 hour
  • One to three students per class.
  • *Skateboard can be rented at SGD10
  • Group

  • SGD140

    per student

  • Course includes 4 lessons, with each session lasting 1 hour
  • Course Duration: Up to 1.5 months
  • One to three students per class.
  • Private

  • SGD220

    per student

  • Course includes 4 lessons, with each session lasting 1 hour
  • Course Duration: Up to 1.5 months
  • One to one personal skateboarding instructor.