pham tan

Pham has been skating for two decades and counting. He started Por Vida Skateboarding to introduce skateboarding to kids and adults in a fun and safe way. Patient and ever-encouraging, Pham continuously shares his knowledge and guides students to achieve their full potential.

Pham completed the SG-Coach Programme from Singapore Sports Council in January 2014 and has experience teaching skateboarding in local secondary and international schools.


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Learning tricks are never easy but Hans fell in love with the process and witnessed progress with his hard work. This motivation has stayed with him throughout his skateboarding years.

Hans started teaching in 2018 and found his true calling as an instructor to help more people experience skateboarding. Hans understands that skateboarding can be challenging thus he’s always finding ways to motivate students to never give up.

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To Chris, skateboarding is more than just a sport but a lifestyle and an art form. He has been skateboarding since 2003 and through the years, it has taught him to be fearless and how to learn from failures.

When it comes to skateboarding, he is passionate and motivated, and values being surrounded by good mentors as they can help him hone his skills and be better at skateboarding.

*Currently undergoing SG-Coach Programme certification

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Hazmi has been skating since 2012. He enjoys skateboarding because it’s a one-man sport that gives him the freedom to enjoy it his way — be it cruising around on his board or serving up neat tricks.

He loves coaching as it allows him to pass the baton to new generations of skateboarders by introducing them to the exhilarating world of skateboarding.

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Safie started skating in 2013. Skateboarding has taught him be patient and also persevere through difficult circumstances. 

Safie is a self taught skater and he understands the challenge of skateboarding especially learning new tricks. Thus he wants other to feel the excitement of skating and wants to enable others to be inspired through skateboarding. 

He also made a lot of friends through skateboarding and has been friends with them ever since.

*Currently undergoing SG-Coach Programme certification

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Baiti has been skating since 2002. Her love for skateboarding shines through and has given her numerous opportunities to share her passion for the sport in various ways—she was featured in a children’s broadcast show, hosted a college skateboarding competition, and even participated at a Vans’ event as a crew member.  

She is an all-rounded skateboarder who also enjoys other boardsports. She finds coaching the most rewarding of all and believes that skateboarding can help build character and a great opportunity to find lifelong friends

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Dan started skateboarding in 2018 after a traumatic accident on the board. Despite the rocky start, he continued his skateboarding journey as he got better after every fall and found serenity in the sport.

To him, skateboarding is a comfortable and fun way to communicate with the young and old, and to spread positivity and knowledge about skateboarding.

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Brandon’s first skateboard was a gift from his father back in 2013 and he has been rolling ever since. Skateboarding is his passion and it has taught him the value of perseverance while having fun as well.

He is a patient instructor who enjoys helping others to hone their skills. He believes that skateboarding is a great way to connect everyone from different cultures, and it can impact people’s lives and give them a chance to experience new things.

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Jared picked up skateboarding in 2012. Self-taught in his early days he struggled with progression until he befriended experienced skaters that helped in his progression.

His patience and persistence grew as he became more experienced. He wishes to share the same helping hand to students after receiving it all those years ago when he first started.

*Currently undergoing SG-Coach Programme certification

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Maryam has been skating since 2019 her motivation was to save money instead of taking bus to school. Covid-19 pandemic has made it a luxury to be able to go out and skate when other activities was stopped.

She was self-taught using YouTube and meeting new friends at the skate park. Which led to helping each other in learning how to skate.




Nabil has been skating since 2014, when he was heavily inspired by the movie, “Lords of Dog Town”. Today, he aspires to be in his element by creating his own style when he skates.

He is a self-taught skater who sees fiery potentials in the upcoming generation and believes that self-expression should be maximized when one skates to be the best version of themselves.

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Arie picked up skateboarding in 2015 and found it a great way to express herself. Skateboarding allowed her to expand her circle and make life-long friends along the way. It also encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone to face her fears.

She enjoys being a skateboarding coach because she finds it fulfilling to see students feeling happy when they progress and learn new tricks. She also finds it rewarding when they step out of their comfort zone and begin to enjoy skateboarding.

*Currently undergoing SG-Coach Programme certification

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Naz has been skateboarding since 2013 after being introduced to it by his secondary school classmates. Skateboarding has taught him to be more determined in life, just like how he picks himself up to try again until he lands the trick.

As a coach, he is fun and caring, and he hopes his students see skateboarding as something more than just a hobby or sport but as a lifestyle. His ultimate dream is to see someone he has coached be better than him someday.

*Currently undergoing SG-Coach Programme certification